Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Sagittarius New Moon and Stock Market

by Kaye Shinker from

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

Mars is retrograde from Nov 15-Jan 28, 2008 and all other planets are direct until Saturn goes retrograde on Dec 19th.

Of the past 10 times that Saturn has stationed and turned retrograde it has marked the low for the month in the Dow 8 times. Jupiter changes signs the same day and when Jupiter changes signs it usually signals a low followed quickly by an up market.

The general effect of Mars Rx is that folks tend to get tired quickly. The population is overworked and overstressed and vulnerable to 'bugs". Take your vitamins and drink your fruit juice. Tired folks will shop the internet sales and many will send gift cards. Sales in carry out food as well as bakery items will increase. Avoid new romances. A monastic lifestyle is, ok, boring, but OK till the end of January.

If you are starting a business during this week, it will be very powerful. Mars Rx tends to put a premium on the efficient use of energy. If your business idea will help people conserve electricity, sell labor saving devises, or offer items that help people relax and enjoy life, then you will have an extra edge on success.

All of the other planets are direct including Uranus and Neptune. The first big event astrologically speaking will take place Tuesday, December 11, when Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. These planets will block some of the electro magnetic chatter emanating from this particular point in space. If you are looking for inspiration on any project, this is the day to take notes. Write in your notebook pages of everything that sneaks into your brain.

Of course be careful of day dreaming while operating vehicles! Even traders will be mesmerized and volume will slow.

This could be the week of the Santa Claus effect that everyone anticipates in December. CEO's will scoop up their bonus dollars and find gifts for everyone on their list. This, plus the European shoppers could put retail in the black.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Next, Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 19th. 75% of the time it is a one day drop of 300-400 points in the Dow. However, changing signs will effect world markets, and Jupiter does not like to change signs. The change has been building since Thanksgiving and traders have begun to notice the change in emphasis on various market sectors. The Markets hate change and since no one has an idea of what to do they all stop trading. The Santa Claus effect is over after the 21st. I expect it will be a long holiday with half the world out on the 24th and 25th, and the Brits out on the 26th. I would expect traders to close their positions on the 21st. The same will be true for New Years. It could be a very skinny week in the markets.

However Snow White is kissed by Prince Charming and the 7 Dwarfs go back to work after the holidays Whistling Hi Ho, Hi Ho, the market goes up you know.

Reality check

Volume almost screeches to a halt. Everyone begins to check their bottom line. Dividend plays that looked safe are not. Reits are out, metals are in. Oil is over, and gems are desirable. Mutual funds are boring, individual funds are exciting. Senior citizens are a viable market, teens are too fickle.

Jupiter in Capricorn is all about managing your assets. Folks don't mind taking personal responsibility. Self directed asset management is in vogue. Sectors worthy of investigation and investments for the next six months are: metals, machinery, precision instruments, and eye care products.

The New Moon appears in the Ninth and many of you have scheduled a fantastic vacation. Others have found a collection of new books, others have added new CD's, DVD's and Video games to their collections. Self directed holidays are in order and escaping the snow seems to be an excellent idea.

Fortunately, Santa takes a deep breath and comes down the chimney and all of the children love their new safe toys. Dads unscramble the new electronic toys and mom surfs the net checking for a new sewing machine to let out all the seams in her New Year's Eve party outfits.

World wide peaceful coexistence is the rally cry. International trade agreements are discussed, and markets are confused as to how these treaties will increase their profits.

Labor is really in short supply and winter ailments are causing shortages even in the best staffed companies. Places that shut down through the holiday season will profit.

Hospitals and other institutions will have huge staffing problems. A few mysterious illnesses will invade their territory. Build up your own immune system and help others do the same. Communicate and research with your keyboard whenever possible.

Rumors might spread through Wall street suggesting that Santa Claus and Goldilocks ran off together, and the Grinch stole Christmas.

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