Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fall of the Roman Empire

You have heard an expression that America is likes a Roman Empire.
Below you can read how connected the dots between what is going on now in our country and what reason Roman Empire had fallen.
It has a strong parallel between them. Read and THINK..

In his famous history, The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbons outlined the major reasons for the fall of Rome:

  • The government became increasingly controlled by the rich and the military

  • Imperialistic militarism became the primary state policy, with increasing amounts of funds spent on armaments for foreign wars

  • the fall of Rome Patriotism declined as people lost their allegiance to the state

  • The state imposed ever increasing taxes on the middle class

  • Moral decay was evident as depicted in its literature, amusements, and lifestyles that often portrayed gratuitous sex and violence; there was a mad craze for pleasure, with sports becoming progressively more brutal

  • As productivity declined, the Roman empire became more dependent on foreign products (globalism)

  • A break-down in the labor force occurred as the traditional work ethic declined

  • The infrastructure of the cities eroded and began a steady decay

  • A balance of trade deficit began to occur in increasing volume

  • The cost of government, including the military and welfare, became unbearably burdensome to the taxpayers

  • Class economic warfare broke out between the rich and poor

  • Parts of the empire were not taxed while others were overtaxed

  • Christianity challenged the traditional Roman character traits and caused people to neglect the state as they concentrated on personal salvation; religion degenerated into mere form, losing touch with life and becoming impotent to guide it

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